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Recognizing the importance of a professionally negotiated lease and the financial impact it has on your practice, PrimeCare America, in partnership with CARR, would like to provide for you, a lease evaluation free of charge. Our goal is to help ensure your practice maximizes its profitability through real estate. To participate, click on the link provided and follow the instructions. We look forward to hearing from you.

PrimeCare America’s network of experienced associates help medical professionals realize their goals every day! PrimeCare America is here to provide you with the tools and resources you need to plan for the successful sale, acquisition, expansion, or launch of any healthcare-related business. PrimeCare America brings together the trusted expertise of ownership advisors to support the success of current and future healthcare practice owners throughout the United States. This expertise originates from advisors with decades of management and ownership experience working in the field as operators.

Our services are available to all health care specialties.
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PrimeCare 340B

Build healthier communities with our PrimeCare 340B program! Our complimentary in-depth evaluation helps align the goals of healthcare providers and pharmacies throughout the United States.


Our services are available to all health care specialties.


PrimeCare America's network of experienced associates help medical professionals and business management groups realize their goals every day.


Health care professionals throughout the United States have entrusted PrimeCare America with the job of establishing a value for their business.

Employer Savings

A key element of our Pharmacy Benefit Management program is our ability to provide the employer with real time analytics and formulary management.

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“When our health care providers were trying to acquire this business, PrimeCare America stepped up and obtained a $5.3 Million loan! Without PrimeCare America, we would not have realized the many benefits of owning our own business.”

- Jim B. | Chief Operating Officer | SW U.S. Clinic Network